Right Whales Make a Show Near Provincetown, MA

The endangered, rare Right Whale has been making quite a display recently in our Atlantic waters. And not just one or two, but record numbers of them.right-whale-DT33902568

The sightings have been around Provincetown, about an hour’s drive from the B&B, and like all of our coastal drives, a pretty one. So a trip over there would be a great outing—and a chance to see this special species at play.

Right Whales had foraged in Cape Cod Bay for centuries before being decimated by whalers hungry for their oil and plastic-like baleen bone. Until the 1990’s, fewer than 30 whales were sighted in the Bay each spring. But a steady growth in population and the Bay’s plankton-rich waters is now drawing them back. In the past few springs around 250 of them have been spotted here, nearly half the global population. And what a sight they are!

The species was named by whalers who believed them to be the “right” whales to hunt since they swam near shore and once killed, would float to the surface of the water. They also produced large amounts of oil and have a great deal of whalebone, adding to their profitability. You can tell them by their large bulbous head and chubbier body than other whales. Traditionally spending most of their time in the western Atlantic, scientists believe that less favorable feeding along the Maine coast, and an increasing output of plankton in our area are drawing Right Whales here to feed.

Now until mid-April is peak whale-watching time and just a great time to explore the Cape without the crowds. Plan to stay with us at the B&B, and we’ll make sure you enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast before heading out for the day!

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